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Cop denies abuse of power


Conversation # 1 with Richard Johnson from the Attorney General Office (not an AG employee)

Fax sent to Attorney General after Conversation #1 (3 megs)


Conversation # 2 with Richard Johnson from the Attorney General Office (not an AG employee)

June 25, 2007

Injustice - The Saga Continue...

Police block corruption probe

Consultative process on judges is cloaked in secrecy

Case botched against lawyer, regulator says

Client of disgraced lawyer goes after 'careless' bar society


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Protectionism Masquerades As Justice
more details 




Letters to M. Heinz

November 2009

Victim Speaks Out Against Lawyer Crimes
Lawyer counsels client to murder secretary (November 2009)
more details

Open Letter to Attorney General
 January 5, 2009
more details

November 2008 - Lawyer’s Secrets Exposed
 more details

June 2007 - Injustice Continues
Latest saga more details

August 16 2006 - March on Queens Park more details...

September 13 2006 - Open Discussion “Trouble with Lawyers” more details...





Explosive Supplementary letter to Standing Committee on Justice Policy to prove sexual misconduct of lawyer and his protection by Law Society.  see details

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This is an open letter sent to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy in Ontario, requiring a full day’s hearing to
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